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Story Sparks: Creative Writing for Kids

Calling all kids ages 9-12 who love to write!

This workshop is for you.

Which are your favourite kinds of stories? Action-packed and exciting adventures, laugh-your-head-off hilarious comedies or heart-breakingly emotional weepies? Maybe it’s all 3. But what is it that the best stories all have in common?

Great stories start with great characters, whether it’s villainous villains or heroic heroes, but where do these characters come from? Award-winning author Keith Gray will guide you through creating your very own heroes and villains. He will help you find the most descriptive words and invent the most unforgettable images while all the time building your story-telling skills so that you’ll soon be writing the best adventure-comedy-weepie too.

Dates: Spring 2018. Dates to be determined. Please send an email to if interested.


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Manuscript Assessment 

Do you have a draft of a novel, short story, memoir, or personal essay that you would like constructively critiqued? These 1:1 sessions are designed for those who wish to learn more about the craft of writing, re-writing and the process of getting published.

Topics covered: developing story ideas, strong beginnings, point of view, tension, character development, and finding the emotional truth of the story.

Instructor: Kirsten Donaghey is a published writer, editor, and story coach. She is the co-founder of Write Now.

For more information send Kirsten an email at