Write Now is all about community! We want to hear from you and publish your words on our site. Every month we will run a short writing contest. Ever heard of postcard stories? Basically they are stories that would fit on a postcard. You could be a wise guy and send something in a super small font and squeeze in an extra few words, but for the sake of rules, we are going to cap it at 250 words.

Trust us when we say, it’s challenging to write a story, with the essential story elements such as character development, conflict, resolution, and setting in such a short space. But it’s fun! And we are going to help you out each month with a theme or a prompt.

The winner receives a €20 gift certificate from Shakespeare and Co. bookstore in Vienna.

Judges will vary. Sometimes it will be Ranya and I. Other times we will have a guest judge.

Winning entries will be published on the website on our Blog pages. If you win, we are happy to include a short bio, and a link to your website or blog.

Entries must be received by the last day of each month. March deadline is March 31st and the winner is announced on the 15th day of the following month. Themes are entirely open to your interpretation. Send by email to office.writenow@gmail.com with the subject heading: Postcard

Monthly Themes: 2019

March: Metamorposis

April: Relentless

May: Neighbourhood

June: I’d prefer not to be naked…

July: In the heat of the moment

August: The train to Budapest

September: I saw my reflection…

October: Broken branch

November: I don’t know how I’m going to get home…

December: All good things must come to an end