Meet the Team


Kirsten Donaghey is a Canadian writer, editor and writing coach who has lived in Vienna for the past eight years. Originally from Toronto, she has traveled extensively since a young age, and finds Vienna to be an inspiring place to live and write.

Her writing is highly influenced by a sense of place- the backdrop of an exotic city, a memory of a lake from childhood, the scent of an urban building, or the everyday place of home or work whose details we tend to pass over. Kirsten explores the relationship between her characters and their environment. And how does the passing of time affect place? As an expat she is fascinated with the notion of “home” and the incurable sensation of being on the outside looking in.

She holds a degree in Art History from the University of Toronto and was trained as a professional photographer while living on the west coast of Canada.

She has published two graphic novels for young readers, Art Thief and Coober Pedy as well as six non-fiction books for young people.

She has also published several short stories with Canadian literary magazines such as The Fiddlehead, Room Literary Magazine and The Danforth Review.



Tim Martinz-Lywood was born in London in 1968, and studied German, Politics and International Relations at university in Canterbury, Munich and London. He has been writing with a passion since he was young. Since leaving university in the early nineties, he has worked as a journalist for The Guardian in Britain, written and translated for travel and lifestyle magazines in Austria, Germany, and become a well-regarded freelance translator and editor in Vienna.

Tim started up his own translation agency in London in 1998, which opened an office in Vienna in 2005. His agency specializes in marketing the new English created by the social media and travel writing to German-language companies. He lives with his Austrian wife and their daughter in the Austrian capital.

Tim loves to write, tries to put pen to paper for a few minutes every day. He does so in an attempt to unload, and make peace with those things he cannot control by everyday means.

Tim initially joined the Vienna Writers’ Group in 2010 in his efforts to meet like minds in Vienna, and is excited about pushing forward with the group’s recent transformation to a non-profit association. He is working on his first novel, Out on the Floor, which revolves around the experiences of Anthony Winstanley, an entirely unlovable stockbroker in 1970s London, who, after being laid low by epilepsy, finds solace and his own highly personal version of control over his condition not in western medication or eastern contemplation, but in the northern soul clubs of Manchester. Tim has epilepsy himself, and the book seeks to offer an insight into how seizures feel, both physically and psychologically, within the mind of the sufferer, through Anthony’s journey.